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S. Nikolakakis/S. Austry/J. Avery Jones/P. Baker/P. Blessing/R. Danon/S. Goradia/J. Hattingh/G. Maisto/T. Miyatake/K. van Raad/R. Vann/B. Wiman, Some Reflections on the Proposed Revisions to the OECD Model and Commentaries, and on the Multilateral Instrument, With Respect to Fiscally Transparent Entities, in: British Tax Review, Issue 2, 2017, p. 295 to 373.

“Tax Treaty Abuse – from beneficial ownership to the principal purpose test rule” – summary and video recordings of the contributions made by Prof. Robert J. Danon and Mr. Hugues Salomé during the seminar of 11 January 2018